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Hi! Nice to see you here! My name is Joanna and I’m a passionate traveller and yoga lover. For the most of my life, I’ve felt the urge to move, change my surroundings, explore. My wanderlust seeking heart took me out of my home in Poland to live in the US for a short while, then Australia for almost 6 glorious years and now I’m in the UK, based in London. I still feel like I haven’t fully found my place in the world, so who knows what my next destination might be! 

In recent years solo travel has actually been my greatest discovery and realisation that you can and should not be afraid to go out there and explore the world on your own! Even as a solo girl.

Plus don’t need to spend your life savings on travel! I became almost a ninja-master in finding cheap airfares, affordable accommodation, planning intricate itineraries and budget-friendly things to do. You don’t have to travel big all the time, sometimes going on a day trip somewhere nearby can be amazing! Just look around you and appreciate what’s on your doorstep. 

And where does the yoga come in here you ask? Yoga is more flexible (…get it?! yes, I’m that silly sometimes) then you might think. Firstly – you can do it everywhere. Literally. Secondly – you don’t need to be a full-on practitioner to add a few stretches here and there to feel better! Especially whilst travelling you spend heaps of time sitting on planes and buses, or wander around endlessly and you need to properly wind down. But if you simply want to impress your friends with that handstand everywhere you go  – do it! Me – guilty as charged. 

As I believe you should do more of what makes you happy, you should also share that love with other people – that’s why this blog! So welcome and enjoy my humble insight on the world of all things travel!


Jo xx

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